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AI Business Solutions

  • 01

    Guest Experience & Risk Assessment (GERA)

    Acuserv Solutions presents the “GERA” API, a groundbreaking AI-driven predictive analytics tool tailored for the Leisure & Hospitality sector. GERA optimizes customer satisfaction and boosts revenue by leveraging real-time analytics to enhance the guest experience, identify high-value customers, and improve workforce efficiency.

    Its innovative capabilities also enhance security measures by proactively spotting potential troublemakers, empowering establishments to mitigate risks before they emerge. This pioneering technology positions Acuserv Solutions at the forefront of delivering proactive and insightful solutions for the dynamic needs of the industry.

  • 02

    Education Institution Attendance & Security Management (ASMS)

    Acuserv Solutions proudly unveils “EduSmart”, an advanced AI-enabled Attendance & Security Management system designed specifically for educational institutions. EduSmart excels in bolstering security, safety, and operational efficiency, while its device-agnostic design allows seamless integration with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With minimal upfront costs and scalable capabilities, it caters to institutions of all sizes. In essence, EduSmart is a cost-effective, adaptable, and revolutionary solution in the EdTech sector, set to redefine attendance and security management paradigms.

  • 03

    Human Resource Management (HRMS)

    Acuserv Solutions deploys highly intuitive and cutting-edge AI-powered solutions to automate your human resource operations and management.

    Our industry-leading feature-rich applications can help you optimize HR management through real-time performance analysis, predictive analysis, gamified inter-department and inter-employee performance scoring, facial recognition, and AI-powered GPS software. These solutions can help you drive profitability and performance through increased optimization and efficiency.

  • 04

    Hospital Management Solutions (HMS)

    We harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver operational excellence for healthcare providers of all types and sizes. Our AI-powered software can automate tasks, improve communication, and identify areas for improvement. This can help healthcare providers save time and money, improve patient care, and increase profitability.

  • 05

    Sales, Marketing, and CRM Optimization Solutions

    AI-powered sales, marketing, and CRM optimization management solutions designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries improve their sales performance. These solutions can automate your sales and marketing strategy from lead generation to closing deals, through predictive analysis, enabling your sales team to focus their efforts on highly targeted clients and deliver industry-leading CRM. These solutions can also track your sales performance in real-time, helping you identify areas where you can improve and make better decisions about your sales strategy.